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This campaign uses 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, with modifications provided in the following pages. It presents a classic hex crawl, based out of Kendall Keep in Mystara, and inspired by The Keep on the Borderlands module and its successors.


The following rules are used from the Player’s Handbook.

- Rolled Hit Points (15): All hit points beyond 1st level are rolled. Ignore the option to take an average result.
- Variant Human Traits (31)
- Rolled Starting Wealth (143): Starting equipment is not based on class and background; all characters roll for their starting wealth.
- Equipment Sizes (144): This applies only to changing armor to fit a different Size-rated character.
- Multiclassing (163-165)
- Feats (165-170)
- Skills with Different Abilities (175)
- Encumbrance (176): To make their movement-related racial trait compatible with this optional rule, dwarves ignore 10 feet of the speed reductions from the variant Encumbrance rule; while “encumbered” there is no speed reduction and while “heavily encumbered” the reduction is a mere 10 feet.


The following rules are used from the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

- More Difficult Identification (136): This does not apply to identifying potions.
- Mixing Potions and Scroll Mishaps (140)
- Flanking and Diagonals (251-252)
- Gritty Realism (267)
- Disarm, Overrun, Shove Aside, and Tumble (271-272)
- Hitting Cover (272)

Main Page

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